Help Sal DeMartino, One Of OMBAC’s Best

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We would like our alumni and fans to offer words of support and prayers to one of OMBAC’s own, Sal DeMartino. After the game against Pasadena, he was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle home from the PB Local social. Sal joined OMBAC in 2019 after moving out from Dallas to enjoy the great San Diego sunshine and immediately involved himself on and off the field for both the 7’s and 15’s squads. He has been an integral part of organizing OMBAC events at both the Beachcomber and PB Local, both of which treat him as a family member and employee. 

Sal is currently battling for his life at Scripps La Jolla Hospital after sustaining life-threatening injuries from this accident. He will almost certainly require years of rehabilitation. To help ease this traumatic experience for himself and his parents, we are asking for donations of any kind, financial or material, that could alleviate some of the stress for his family and his future recovery. Click the link above to donate. Visiting Sal at this time is extremely limited. We will send out updates if you want to visit him.