OMBAC 25 – 30 Old Aztecs

OMBAC Rugby’s players, supporters, and alumni came together this past weekend to take on the Old Aztecs for the second time this season, as well

OMBAC 10 – Raptors 66

In a mid-season exhibition match last weekend, OMBAC took on The American Raptors out of Glendale, Colorado. Glendale took an early lead, and OMBAC struggled

OMBAC 19 – 30 Santa Monica

In a thrilling Robb Field contest, Santa Monica Rugby Club held off Old Mission Beach Athletic Club 30-19. The Dolphins raced out to a 15

OMBAC 47 – Pasadena 0

OMBAC took on Pasadena RFC this weekend. Bouncing back from a tough loss to Belmont Shore, the beach boys pulled off a 47-0 victory over

OMBAC 0 – Belmont 60

While Saturday’s game against Belmont Shore at LBSU was not the result that the visiting OMBAC side will take lightly, it provided the team with