May 16, 2014


OMBAC Rugby Membership Dues for 2017

All players participating in OMBAC Rugby’s 15’s season must pay annual dues to participate. All dues go to the OMBAC Rugby general fund and are crucial to our financial stability. Dues secure our field, equipment, referees, league membership, travel and much more. Please find guidelines for dues payment below. This information will be distributed to all players by 12/01/16.

Payment Options
Players may pay dues in two ways:
Check – Made out to OMBAC Rugby
o   Personal or cashiers
Credit Card
o   If paying by credit card, players may pay through the OMBAC Rugby website and are responsible for the 3% service fee from PayPal added on to dues.
All players who have paid dues will be provided with an email receipt with proof of payment
Dues Amount
All returning players – $360
All first year OMBAC players – $310
Players who take a period of time off from rugby and return are considered returning players
Early payment
Players who pay dues in full prior to 01/07/2017 will be given a $60 discount on their dues payment
Dues payment options:

All preseason games/tournaments will cost each player $20. Money will be applied towards the minimum of $100 season start (Option 2) and the total yearly dues of $360.

Option 1: $300 if paid by 01/07/17. If you pay the $20/game day for preseason games/tournaments, that money can count towards your $300 if you can make the payment difference by the noted date.

Option 2: $100 must be paid by the first official regular season game. You cannot play or practice until this minimum is paid. Each game day you are on the squad (preseason or regular) and your $100 is paid it will cost you $20 to play that day. The money collected will count towards your $360 for the year.

Manager will alert Treasurer upon player’s arrival. Treasurer will follow up with player

Disciplinary actions for non-payment

You will not be allowed to practice or play until Option 2 has been fulfilled and each game day payment has been made.

Sponsored players
Player sponsorship is $600

  • An individual or company may sponsor players

By 12/31/16 all players who will be sponsored must notify the treasury in writing that they will be sponsored.

  • This email must include the OMBAC Player Sponsorship Form

o   This form contains contact information for the company or individual sponsoring the player

All players will be provided with sponsorship details and sponsorship form by 12/31/16  -Shane will create this form and manager will distribute

Sponsored player dues must be paid in full by player or sponsoring party by 01/07/17

It is the player’s responsibility to receive payment from company or individual

  • If payment is not received by 01/07/17 player will be considered late on payment and cannot practice at our facility or participate in any OMBAC sanctioned events or games until payment is fulfilled

Extreme player financial hardship
OMBAC Rugby prefers all players who wish to play rugby get the opportunity to play
In extreme financial hardship cases players must follow the procedure below:

  • Alert the treasurer of your hardship by 12/31/16
  • Meet or coordinate email with board members and treasurer to determine plan for work and payment plan by 12/21/16

o   Players will be given individual payment plan and work plan
o   If players do not adhere to payment and work plan they cannot practice at our facility or participate in any OMBAC sanctioned events or games until approval from board is given

Get CIPP’d with USA Rugby (Cost is $60.00)

    Select current or new member. Click “Join USA Rugby” in the new member section. If you don’t know your log in just do it this way.
  2. The next page is just personal information and is all self explanatory. Click submit when everything is filled out.
  3. On the next page you want to register as a player. The only thing you need to do here is select your club and state under the player tab. We are listed as “Old Mission Beach Athletic Club Rugby”. Leave the tabs for coach, ref, and admin blank.
  4. The next page is just agreeing to USA Rugby’s policies.
  5. The final page is the payment page and is self explanatory. The 60$ charge is already factored in so you DO NOT need to enter anything on the donation option as that is an optional donation to USA Rugby.
  6. You will get a confirmation page but if you want to double check once you are finished the homepage has an option to view public rosters which is under the member resource tab. Just select this and choose Old Mission Beach Athletic Club Rugby and you should see your name.
  7. This price covers supplemental medical insurance coverage.

Dues Options