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Bully’s East

A San Diego tradition since 1971, Bully’s is known for superior quality, exceptional value and of course, friendly service! Bully’s features award-winning prime rib, fresh seafood, steaks, ribs, sandwiches and a children’s menu. Whether it is brunch, lunch or dinner served late, it’s sure to be a pleasurable dining experience.

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The Beach Comber

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Old Town Mexican Cafe

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Ballast Point

The perfect balance of taste and aroma. An obsession with ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while we savor the result, we’re just as fascinated by the process to get there. What started as a small group of home brewers, who simply wanted to make a better beer, evolved into the adventurers known today as Ballast Point.

Pacific Rugby Premiership


Our goal is to promote sportsmanship and win championships
"Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is everything." Vince Lombardi

OMBAC strives to assist players in learning the game and giving them an opportunity to experience the unique lifetime benefits that playing this tough team sport can provide. OMBAC Rugby is dedicated to developing the game and the player to sustain status as one of the most competative clubs in the Americas. OMBAC to provides a platform for talented players within the USA to achieve their goals of representing their country in the sport of rugby. OMBAC this season possesses the talent to go all the way in each competition we are tested with. Our goals for each Season are to win another National Championship, continuing youth rugby development, and growing relationships between OMBAC and the US Eagles program.



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